#First Series: Intro


First-time (1)

“Every man dies, but not every man lives”  William Ross

Inspired by the above quote I’ve made it mandatory upon myself to try as well as share with my precious readers something new I’ve never done before. There’s still so much more I’m yet to discover about myself (my capabilities, my strengths and whatever makes me tick).

Don’t like being told this but it’s quite true that I don’t live the most exciting life and I refuse to accept this nanny/boring lifestyle of mine x_x. I’m choosing to document this series on my blog because I am quite the hermit and its very possible that in the future I cheat myself or cancel plans at the very last minute but since its up here I have no choice but to bring something to the table.

I promise not to tell past first time stories. Promise. My thirst for adventures is as great as my thirst for knowledge. Hopefully this series can inspire you (young or old) to try doing something different once in a while.

The #First series would be featured at the end of every month and I intend to start sharing my first time experiences after the month of Ramadan In sha Allah.

Hopefully you are as excited about this as I am.

See you in my next post^.^

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7 thoughts on “#First Series: Intro

  1. Now Anxious😆 don’t worry I’ll make sure I’ll live every moment with you so I shall always be included 😉 Good work Sis!


  2. Nice one this is a good blog I’ll be watching and I’ll be the judge if you are living an exciting lifestyle. 😝😝


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