Long awaited dessert

Have you ever fallen in love with a mind before?

We are made up of three things: a body, mind and soul. The body I see as the most captivating one, fall in love with it and you will be spellbound. Something so splendid; just looking at it can stir all kinds of emotions inside of you. The eyes and the sex take full pleasure in the body.

The soul I see as the most precious part. It’s depth and beauty is something unfathomable, fall in love with a soul and you will be vulnerable. I take care not to make frequent contact with the soul of a person for its love is the most dangerous of the three and you often never know when it happens. Everyone is searching for the right soul and I believe two paths can lead to it; it’s either you go through the body of a person or the mind. The path of the body is the one most travelled by. When you share intimate moments with someone, their guards and walls are taken down allowing you to take a peak at the soul.

I’m one of those that fall victim of the mind, which brings me back to my earlier question; have you ever fallen in love with a mind before?

You know what the body can offer, but can you say the same with the mind? There’s something about the mind, in my personal preference an artist’s mind that is tormented and so beautiful. A writer, poet, novelist, painter, sculptor, photographer they all possess abstract minds and have a world that dwell inside their head that no one else can see. Pick a writers book and you are immediately transported into a world s/he has absolute control; they make you see, hear, taste and feel whatever they wish. A world they have created that’s so believable and real it’s hard for you to tell yourself otherwise when the final page has been turned. That’s in a book. Imagine what they can make you feel in real life if they were to put their minds to play. That amazing feeling you get is a way of telling you just made contact with a mind. On the other end feelings are a state, they’ve got no face but a painter can tell and show you otherwise. Painters burn so hot and the fuels to their fire are their everyday surroundings, thoughts and raw emotions. It’s a sad and beautiful thing that they express themselves in a language only very few people can understand.

The mind is absorbing and mysterious, fall in love with a person’s mind and I guarantee you would see, hear and feel things in a way you’ve never imagined. You can never fully grasp a mind, but a small real taste is enough to last a lifetime.

I’ve said all these, let me now tell you how it all plays in my life. I know people with beautiful bodies; they have everything a body can offer. You do not have to have the complete body package but you will certainly have one thing. It could be the galaxies you possess called eyes or that smile that has the power to suck out all air from the room. It could even be that beautiful forest you grow on your chin or that buttery and supple skin. I’m surrounded by beautiful bodies everywhere I go.

The beautiful souls I know are mainly those of family and close friends. Those that aren’t family may not know who they are, but a way to figure it out is if I talk to you almost every day. I keep them very close to my heart, regularly hear from them and I never get tired or bored of them.

The beautiful minds are the exceptional ones and you don’t have to have a deep appreciation for art like I do to have one. These people that are in my life don’t know how in love with their minds I am and they are the ones that often complain that I do not keep in regular touch with them. I’ve never tried explaining it to them but i will now. What they don’t really understand is that to me, their minds are so incredible and beautiful that I don’t want to get too familiar and used to it to the point where I would no longer be able to appreciate or recognise its full worth. Several weeks and months go by before I reconnect with them and I allow that much time to pass because the next time I come in contact with their minds, I love and want to be blown away each time (this is in the absence of any other major or personal reasons that might have kept me from doing so). It’s something i can change, but i just like to keep it that way cause I don’t want their value to be diminished for a slight bit in my eyes.  My reasons may not be good enough for you and probably not acceptable to them, but if they could only see, think and feel what I do when i’m in the presence of their mind . . .and i speak of both the male and female.

Picture the body, mind and soul as a full meal. I, Hasiya see the body part of a human as appetisers; they are just a tease and stimulant. The soul is the main course. Now the people with beautiful minds, they are to me my long awaited dessert. Or . . . maybe I’m just using all this as an excuse to keep from getting in trouble with basically everyone that complains I go ghost mode. *Smiles* I’m just kidding, I meant every word.

In the end the body, mind and soul is one being, I can’t imagine a person made up of just one or lacking either part. For me it’s rather weird cause I never see people as a complete being. Never I tell you. I break each and every person down mentally whenever I’m with or talking to them. If everyone in my life is lined up straight before me, I can and will mentally divide each person into body, mind and soul. Can you visualise that? I only do so because it makes it easier for me to identify those that mean a lot to me, as well as the lengths that I can go for each person. I believe each time you are with a person, one of the three parts call out to you. There’s no one I’ve met where their body, mind and soul have called out to me and for that reason you are not a complete being in my eyes, even though in reality you are. Yes there are instances where two parts of a person can call out to you and it has happened to me before, but the third and final part would be amiss. I think the only person that can make you aware of all three parts of themselves is your soulmate.

I don’t want a situation where someone reading this would have a slight change in perception and goes off telling people okay you are just a body to me, you are just a mind to me or a soul, in the end the person has all 3, you just simply recognise one or more parts and fail to recognise the other. They are not lacking anything and if they seem to be it’s simply because they are not yours. I don’t know if someone else does or thinks like this, it may even seem unfair but for me, life is made much easier. Confusions no longer exist or arise in circumstances where I would be unsure of what it is I truly feel for someone, ask is this real or not? I won’t be able to mistake the colour navy for black. It also allows me to identify what it is I really like and appreciate about my friends and others.

What I’ve tried to do is draw your attention to other parts that make up the human being such as the mind and soul and not just the body we all see. Body or mind both roads lead to the treasured soul.

Two minds forming an attraction is much rarer than two bodies attracting each other, one of them also lasts longer than the other.

See you in my next post ^.^

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