Root of All Evil 

My brother randomly suggested a topic for my blog and it’s something many of us ask ourselves; why is God not answering my prayers? It’s a deep question and one I’ll come back to answer in the future In Sha Allah. Instead, I would love to address a second question he had personally asked.

I was performing my ablution when he asked “Is it bad to pray for materialistic things?” I paused and looked at his reflection through the mirror and smiled cause the question was very sincere and genuine.

I could see where he was coming from seeing that our beautiful religion Islam is every bit simple and guides every Muslim to live a life of moderation (in how we spend, eat, talk etc).

It is mentioned in a Hadith that a lot of the people that will be in heaven are the people that were poor in this life and patient, and that hell is going to be filled with every proud and arrogant man.

Allah mentions in the Quran:
Is there not in hell an abode for the arrogant? (39:60)

But today shall you be recompensed with a penalty of humiliation for that you were arrogant on earth without just cause and that you [ever] transgressed.

Then, for him who has transgressed all bounds, and has preferred the life of this world, verily his abode will be the hellfire” (79:37-39).

Now don’t be mistaken, Islam doesn’t say or ask for you to be poor and live a miserable life, Allah loves and wants the best for his servant.

First and foremost don’t ever be arrogant or think yourselves better than anyone. The wealth given to you should also be spent in the best possible causes and way, because in the end Allah will ask you what you did with his money.

You don’t want to be one of those people that will answer I routinely hosted lavish dinners and parties that costed ridiculous amounts of money, I rented tables at clubs every Friday to have a great time with my friends, I own close to a 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, own huge mansions across the globe with at least 3 exotic Italian sport cars at each base.

The saying money is the root of all evil is not a lie. There’s no way living such a sumptuous lifestyle would not affect your soul cause you will become an ingrate.

As a Muslim your only fear should be that you won’t be purchasing, wanting and praying for the riches of this short life in exchange for your hereafter that’s eternal.

If you are to have Dangote and Bill Gate’s wealth joined together but you spend it to the best of your abilities in Allah’s path; that is took excellent care of your family (both primary and secondary), pay your zakat each year, helped the community, those in need, in debt or stuck, sadaqah (charity) then that is very good and may Allah continue to bless and increase you but not many people can do that or spend their money on things other than themselves or things that don’t benefit them.

The more you have, the more you have to loose right? That’s the mentality some of these people have and for that reason they are very protective of what they have cause they truly have a lot to loose.

There’s this heart breaking video I remember watching. There’s a youtube channel called goldcinemaalbania and a guy decided to carry out a social experiment to see how kind and generous people were. He went round asking people who were seated outside the restaurant for a bite or tiny portion of their food. Every single person he had asked looked at him like he was crazy and turned him down.

He eventually gave up and decided to try something else. He bought a large box of pizza and found a homeless person on the street that was begging for money and handed the pizza over to him. The homeless man rejoiced and thanked the guy before he left.

He returned to the homeless man in a different clothing and tested him too. He sat down next to the man and asked if he could spare a slice with him that he was very hungry and the man had hurriedly answered yes, passed the box to him and said he could have as many as he wanted that there was more than enough for him.

Here was a homeless man begging people on the street for money, If anyone was to say no to sharing the food I would say it’s him cause he had very little or none to begin with but he was the only one willing to share the blessing he had, in contrast with the others that were arguably in a far better situation than he was but refused to show such kindness. I can’t judge quickly cause I don’t know what those people are going through too.  In the end the guy gave the homeless man some cash to keep and the man started to cry. It was so overwhelming to watch I couldn’t help but cry along with him.

My beloved brother having wealth or seeking wealth from Allah is not a bad thing. Remember in the Quran we ask Allah “Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and the hereafter, and save us from the torment of the fire ( 2:201). In addition to asking for whatever good you want in this life, pray to Allah to bless you with a heart and soul that’s filled with contentment cause no matter how rich you are, if you are not content with what you already have you will always want more.

If you try to nurture your heart into becoming more compassionate and generous the wealth you posses, apart from it being a blessing will also be a form of mercy from Allah to you and your reward will be with Him.

Human beings as we all know are insatiable. No matter what you’ll never be fully pleased in this life, the best way to live is in moderation. Alhamdulilah for Islam and our glorious Quran.

Click here to watch the experiment video

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