The Silver Lining

Assalam alaykum everyone!

It’s been what…3 months since I last posted something on here? It honestly feels like a lifetime ago. God I’ve missed you guys and the feeling of putting something out there for people to read. I’ld like to say that my absence was necessary (uni work/finals) and it was not by choice or a sudden lack of interest.

I received a lot of questions regarding my blog the past few months…questions like Hasiya when are you going to start posting something on your blog? It’s quite humbling to know that my absence was felt and noticed by a few. I’m here now my loves and I have a lot of exciting things planned for this blog; my prayer is that Allah helps me deliver them all.

To begin with this particular month of June is a very special month for me…it’s the blessed month of ramadan and this month also marks my blog’s first year anniversary.

Looking back I can’t thank Allah enough and those of you that started with me and those that joined somewhere in the middle or later on and stayed with me. You guys are special and will forever be in my prayers.

I’ve been back home for some days now and I’ve been contemplating how I’ll slip my way back into your lives after having been gone for so long. It felt like I had lost touch of my writing and I also feel like I’m not the same person I was the last time I posted something on here…so much has happened and changed since then. In Sha Allah I’ll slowly ease you guys on some of the important changes.

There’s just one thing I would like to stress and remind you today and it’s to have tawakkul (trust) in Allah.

One thing I could have easily said to someone before but not truly understand myself is that it is very easy to judge and look into the lives of others and notice the change (big or small) that’s taking place in their lives and not the one in yours.

I’ve always considered myself to be very self reflective but as I write today, I fear that may not be the case. I say this because the time I really needed to take time out and reflect on my life and the things happening in it, was the very time I failed to. The moment I realised this, I almost lost hope because I’m someone that feels and was taught that everything in this life has to be done in good/perfect timing in order to achieve true and lasting success but I know now that the timing and decree of Allah is the only thing that can and is ever perfect. The rest of us can only pray to Allah to help us get things done or that things should fall into place at the right time.

That being said a very worthy trait to have (or for a person to pray to have) is to be vigilant of what’s happening in and outside his life (that is the things happening in his immediate surrounding) in order to quickly make and take the next step of action.

I’ve always seen trials and tests as a way to get closer to Allah; a sign that Allah is working and is with the person being tested. If Allah is with a person, it’s the greatest fortune that person can ever hope to have because surely goodness will find that person at every turn in life.

I happen to be entrusted with a lot of secrets and details about peoples life. The things I know allow me to have a lot of insight into a person’s life that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. So when these people tell me what’s happening in their lives, I’m just like subhanallah! What a test…this is your chance! Don’t miss your train ticket to get closer to Allah! Hang on, stay strong, don’t loose it! Just be patient a little further and have tawwakul (trust) in Allah!

Trials was more or less registered somewhere deep in my mind as something good, so I secretly wished for them. Some of you may be wondering who does that? Who wants hardship in their life? I don’t want hardship, what I want is the silver lining that can only come from receiving that hardship. That silver lining, I know I need it in my life.

When I was between the age of 15-18 years old, I would always think am I not old enough to be tested? When is my test going to come? Doesn’t Allah love me? All the prophets, sahabas and greatest people were tested.

The thing is I knew I had issues in my life (as does everyone) but I never once perceived them to be tests. They just didn’t qualify in my mind as one. I mean I’m not an orphan, I’ve never lost a family member or anyone close to me, I don’t have a terminal disease, my five senses are working perfectly fine, I can freely move my limbs, I don’t live in constant fear that my home may be blown up any seconds from now, I’m not starving…you understand what I mean? 

However something happened recently that seriously shook my ability to fully place my trust in Allah and believe that He is with me and He has everything under control. I was in a really distraught state that I lost sight for a while and I allowed the worldly fears to get to me. I became like every ignorant person thinking and asking myself why me? Had I observed my own life from the outside, I probably would have recognised the test and told myself what I told every other person..hang on, stay strong, don’t loose it! Have tawakkul (trust) in Allah! He’s got you…you may not understand now but in Allah’s infinite wisdom it is well.

It’s easy telling people to have tawakkul, but having tawakkul itself isn’t. Alhamdulilah I had my family and a few others around me that ensured I did not fall of the wagon and slip into serious depression. At the end I asked myself how could I have allowed it get to me this much? Tawakkul in Allah is supposed to serve as a reassurance that when things happen that are not so clear (or appear to be unfortunate) in your life, you haven’t hit rock bottom and things will indeed get better ISA. I felt ashamed and embarrassed for not handling the situation better (as a strong believer). Allah has always been there for me and made me realise He was there for me, just this moment when He needed me to realise myself that He’s still there for me…I almost lost it.

Guys life isn’t perfect and things won’t always go the way you planned but if you believe in Allah and have tawakkul in Allah, trust that everything will still be great in the end however it may seem. Whatever you are facing it’s just an experience and with each experience there is something that needs to be learnt.

So if you get hit by any news or calamity…please take deep breathes and look up to the sky and see that the God that is holding the universe under control, has your life under control as well and He won’t fail you. Remember also that Allah does not bring anything into existence without any purpose nor does He allow anything to happen to you without it being what’s best for you and He loves you more than your mother x70!!

I pray you all have a blessed Iftar and May Allah accept all your acts of worship and answer all your prayers; the ones you need and the ones you don’t know you need.

Catch you in my next post ISA! xx

4 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. Masha Allah, I recently came across your blog, I hooked that I kept coming back a day after another until I finished reading all the posts, welcome back Allah bless you.


  2. Awwwww Alhamdulilah for everything and welcome back! Almighty Allah that has been there for you will forever be with you. Whatever it is that you went thru will turn into multiple blessings for you In Shaa Allah, amin.


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