China Town: Halal Restaurant Review

So after a long and stressful month at law school, the much anticipated Christmas break arrived. Myself and 2 other law school friends of mine decided to go have lunch at a Chinese and Thai restaurant called China Town to unwind and discuss our shared interest and issues with the famous institute.

Mary and I were the first to arrive and we were both very hungry; it was going to be our first meal of the day.

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The main entrance of China Town

The restaurant was PACKED…the young and the old were busy eating and chatting away.

My eyes darted across the narrow room and on top of each table and my mouth watered at the sight of the delicious looking food.

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F (our other friend) joined us a while later and thereafter we beckoned one of the male waiters to attend to us. At the end of taking down our orders, the waiter to my disbelief said under his breath “this is too much”.

I turned to my friends and asked if they heard the same thing I heard? They asked what? After telling them they refused to belief because it was unbelievable. They nonetheless called on him to confirm what I heard.

F: “Sorry we wanted to be sure of what our friend heard you say. Did you say the order we placed was too much?”

Waiter: (looks at Mary and I; probably trying to decipher which friend) Yes I did.

F: “What is too much?”

Waiter: “the rice, chicken, and everything the 3 of you ordered”

Mary: (shakes her heard incredulously)

F: “What do you mean? Are we not the ones paying? You should be happy we came all the way here to eat your food and haven’t you heard that the customer is always right? So are we supposed to share one plate of food?”

The waiter started to apologise realising that we are not the people he wanted to mess with.

After he left, we spoke about how it’s only in Nigeria you’ll hear a waiter say such. In other places the waiter would practically try to get you to buy everything from their menu and he or she would  repeatedly ask  “would you like to try this or that? Any drinks to go with your meal? How about the dessert?”

Apart from the poor customer service and two other bad encounters we had with the same waiter (that required us to report to the manager), their food was AMAZING and bursting with all kinds of flavours.

As a matter of fact, I plan to go back in the nearest future but instead of dining in, I’ll order the food as takeout.


F ordered the chicken sweet corn soup (N700), Jasmine rice (N800) with the beef in garlic sauce (N2300).

Mary ordered the Rice noodles with shrimp (N2300), special fried rice (N2300) and beef spicy sauce (N2300).

I ordered the Jasmine rice (N800) with the chicken in oyster sauce (N2300) and the 5 Alive Berry Blast (N500).

The three of us requested for chapman but they ran out of ice so we settled for the 5 Alive drink.


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Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
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Beef in Garlic Sauce
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Rice Noodles with Shrimps
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Jasmine Rice with Beef Spicy Sauce
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Chicken in Oyster Sauce

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Me before leaving the house

The pricing of the food was super descent for the quality and quantity of the food.

The food did not take very long to arrive also.

I’ll score the restaurant 6/10 overall.

Food: 9/10

Ambience: 5/10

Service: 4/10

Price: 9/10

Recommendations (any): I highly recommend their beef spicy sauce.



14, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos  (Mega Plaza)


Monday – Sunday




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