I met love.

It looked like the sunset in the horizon. It was bright, burning and beautiful.

It had the elegance of the moon and the softness of the Cuban wind.

It had a laugh that was echoed by the seven seas and a fresh scent that was concealed in every atom of the air.

It moved gracefully like the water from a flowing jug and was delicate like the petals on a rose.

It wore a curve like the smile on a face and was swift like the ray in a beam of light.

I’ve tasted love.

It had the euphoric flavours of summer and the sweetness of honey.

It melts like butter underneath the sun and sizzles like the fire in the wood.

It has the smokiness of scotch and the smoothness of pudding.

It is hot like the mediterranean and tickles like the red wine.

It is glazed like the stars and dipped like chipotle.

I’ve heard love.

At dawn it sounds like the sky splitting into two and at dusk it sounds like the waves crashing into the shore.

It had the beat of your favourite song and the roar of the thunder.

It was shocking like a revelation and as clear as God’s signs.

It was deep like the earth and hollow as a shell.

It soothes like a clear mind and calms like the soft drizzle of the afternoon rain.

I’ve felt love.

It had the force of gravity and the weight of the heavens.

It is frenzied like the beast and unyielding like the past.

It engulfs like the silent fog and constricts like the heart.

It frightens like loss and has the ache of an unclosing wound.

It feels like your arms wrapped around me and the rush of my pulse when I’m with you.

12 thoughts on “Amor

  1. This is pure gift.
    You have a very rare gift for writing, and I appreciate it. Your works are just overly impressive, and too good to be true. You have a blessing from God.
    This work is more than impressive, and well thought out and almost classic.

    It was worth the wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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