Beautiful Minds| Hanz Chokote

This months feature is a talented young man that is visionary keen on expanding the photography space. Hanz Chokote has got an incredible eye for detail and is best known for capturing priceless moments and emotions on camera with his mad photography skills.

Hanz has studied and mastered the art of taking compelling pictures that resonates well with his viewers. He has worked with and mentored several other young photographers, whose work are receiving notable recognition today. If you are an artist looking for a little bit of inspiration, then be sure to have a look at some of Hanz work.

I hope you guys enjoy meeting this talented soul and get to learn a few things from him as I did.


As always, I advice you grab a cup of coffee or a snack and enjoy the read below 🙂

What’s a typical day like in Hanz’s life?

A typical day in my life usually starts at 5:00am with me checking my Instagram for new and inspiring posts by some of my favourite photographers. Shortly after a search for food commences. I’m a foodie so it’s crucial that I eat enough in the morning 😂😂. I’m always on my laptop constantly searching for new inspiration. If I’m not doing that then I’m watching documentaries. If I’m not doing that then I’m photographing and creating new content. If I’m not doing that then I’m out exploring new and breathtaking locations within and outskirts of the city. I’m a loner so you’ll hardly see me ‘chilling’ with friends except for a select few.

What are three things you can’t live without?

My phone, camera and music.

You are a fantastic photographer and I would like to congratulate you on winning the Majestic AME 2017 Photographer of the Year Awards. Tell us, how did you feel being nominated and later having your name announced as the winner?

I felt super confused, I was the photographer for the event as well, and so hearing my name called was a total shock and a mystery to me. I had no idea what I was going to say because I didn’t expect to win.


In the early years you aspired to be the best black and white photographer, what changed (considering the fact that your most recent photographs are now printed in colour)?

I had to make the decision to leave that phase and move on to the next; colours. I found a  way to convey stronger depth and meaning to my images through the use of drab and subtle colours such as French Gray and Shaded white. I find such colours very indulgent and pleasing to work with.

What I love most about your pictures is that there is a story being told in every one of them. Before picking up the camera, do you already have a story in mind that you want to tell and all you do is find the perfect subject to deliver that story? Or you have a special technique you use to stir and bring different stories out of your subjects?


To answer that question I must state that music is a part of me, I can’t do without music. When I listen to music I think deep, it allows my mind wonder. I merge that with my constant hunger for new art, you can call it channelling your inner art. With this process come ideas that I try to emulate. I then search for faces on my Instagram that bests fits the image that is in my head.

How do you find the perfect setting to photograph your models?

Partly through Instagram and mainly through my frequent trips around England and my very deep thoughts. Whenever I think, I try to create a vibe and an atmosphere, which can be seen in the final piece.

At what point did you fall in love with photography?

The day I lost my life was the day I fell in love with photography. Certain years in my past holds so much significance, but one year that holds so much significance is the year 2015.

Are you someone that is very particular about details or you focus more on the bigger picture?

I am all about the detail; you’ll be shocked at what you’ll find in the smallest of things.

How do you select your models?


They have to match the vibe and atmosphere already created in my head and for that reason I always look out for models or normal everyday people with a similar vibe. For example if I chose a location up north, say Peak District, I always try to match the face, the clothes and its colour and the vibe of the subject with the location.

Why is it that most photographers don’t like being in front of the lens? Is it a thing of insecurity or something else you guys share?

To be honest low self-esteem, my extremely shy nature and the fact that I want to remain mysterious.

Do you carry your kit everywhere you go and was there a moment in the past you regretted not carrying your camera with you?

I do take my kit everywhere sometimes, but most of the time I’d rather plan extensively over a nostalgic sound with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Is there someone or something you really want to photograph but haven’t had the chance to?

Brazil is going to top the charts for me. I love Brazil because of its stunning views, beautiful coastlines and great people.

Is Hanz planning to exhibit his work anytime soon?

Yes I am actually, but that’s going to be sometime in the year.


What type of camera, software, application and other essential tools would you recommend to someone who is on a limited budget but seriously looking to kick-start their career as a photographer?

I would advice that they try and get their hands on a full frame camera, Photoshop on their laptop and constant shooting.

You’ve been to quite a few places in the world, can you mention a city you’ve been to that you loved very much and why?

My favourite city of all time is Dubai. I choose Dubai because of how aesthetically pleasing the buildings are and because of how different the vibe is there. 

Burj Khalifa shot by Hanz

What would you say is your biggest weakness?

My weakness is that I get stressed when things are not going my way.

Can you tell us something not many people know about you?

I am extremely anti social and extremely quiet around people I do not know and talk to.


If the whole world had your attention right now, what would you tell them?

I will tell them to watch out for me, they’ve not seen anything yet!

Last but not least, do you have any good book, movie, documentary or place you’d recommend to your readers?

I’ll suggest Marshall McLuhan’s full lecture on ‘the medium is the message’.


To stay updated with Hanz’s work be sure to follow him on his Instagram @Chokote1


Thank you for stopping by today but before you go, do show Hanz some love by dropping a comment or any question you may have for him below, and be sure to watch out for my next loving guest!!

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