Top 10 Nasheeds (February 2019)

Assalam Alaykum!

So, I was scrolling though my older posts and noticed that the last time I recommended some new nasheeds, was on the 24th July, 2016.


3 years ago. I honestly couldn’t believe it’s been that long.

Going forward I promise to update my nasheed lovers (a lot more frequently) with the list of nasheeds that I have been loving and jamming to in my car. You all know I take full pleasure in sounds and there’s no better thing than finding a way to keep your interests halal.

I have handpicked in no particular order of favoritism, some nasheeds that I’ve been loving the past few months/years. I assure you it’s a great playlist so sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sounds and praises of Allah.

Sami Yusuf – Ilahana
Omar Esa – Subhanallah
Omar Esa – Kaaba

Aqib Farid & Abdulbasit Hassani – Woh Hai Mera Nabi
Sami Yusuf – The Gift of Love
Benammi – The Garden
Muhammad Al Bacha – Ramadan Nasheed
Ahmad & Muhammad Al Muqit – Radiant Sun
Sami Yusuf – shadowless
Hamza Namira – Insan
Nadeem Mohammed – Run and Hide
Ilyas Mao & Castillo Nasheeds – Wonders
Sami Yusuf – Forgotten Promises

Hafiz Bilal Qadri – Allah Tera Shukar He
As Syifa – Ya Habibi
Hamza Namira – Sabah El Khair
Rijal Vertizone ft Wafiq Azizah – Muhammad Ibni Abdillah

I hope you found my recommendations to your liking. If you did, be sure to keep your eyes out for my next list and be subscribed to my mailing list; so you’ll be one of the first to be updated on all my new posts.

I’ll catch you in my next post In Sha Allah.

Ma Salam x

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