Ramadan After Ramadan Challenge: June 2019

Assalam Alaykum,

I hope you are all doing great today.

So I’ll be honest and transparent with you guys but since the last day of Ramadan, I’ve been in a fuzzy and nostalgic mood. The reason simply being that I miss Ramadan a lot and the the sense of security it provided me. It was like being covered by this thick and beautiful robe that is guaranteed to keep you warm in the coldest weather but with every passing day, I could feel the cold slowly creep in.

Of course I knew shaytan was just trying to play games with me by trying to make me believe that I can’t feel that strong sense of security that I felt for the remainder of the year (especially now that he and his companion are free from their chains and trying to reek havoc again).

It’s war guys and I want to kick shaytans ass.

Ramadan may be gone but Allah and His infinite mercy still remains and is accessible by us and I want to take full advantage of that as much as I like to think I did in Ramadan.

I have created a challenge for myself and I’ve coined it the Ramadan after Ramadan challenge and I want you guys to join me.

Many of us wait and look for opportunities to come in order for us to do good. How about we create those opportunities ourselves? Must we wait for a volunteering position to be created/to be made available before we give back to the society? Must someone outstretch his arm before we give? Must we wait to see someone cry before we lend them a shoulder to cry on? A lot of these thoughts have been burning my mind and I no longer want to catch a cruise in the back of the car. I’m going to position myself behind the steering wheel and make a conscious decision to fill my book of records that are being recorded by the angels with as many good deeds as I can.

I have created a calendar of little things you can do in each day for the rest of this month that can In Sha Allah bring you closer to Allah and your goals for the akhira. It’s okay if you don’t get to do some of these things but I want you to be accountable and to take responsibility for acquiring as many good deeds as you can. The same way you source for food to eat to fuel your body, I want you to source and create opportunities for you to do good and to enrich your soul.

May Allah make it easy for us and may we put our devils and Shaytan to great shame. Amin!

Feel free to download and print the calendar and place it in a conspicuous place in your room/office desk to be reminded & for your own personal use.

Don’t forget to invite some of your friends to join you in this challenge!

Ma Salam x

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