June 2019 Favourites

Salam alaykum!

It’s that time of the month where I update all you lovely seekers on the amazing new things I’ve been loving the past few months.

So I’ve been compiling some of these things for a while so without further ado, lets dive right into the things I’ve been loving the past three months!

Frozen Grapes. Quick question have any of you tried eating frozen grapes before? The idea to try frozen grapes was one I actually got from a celebrity; Kylie Jenner. I was watching random videos on YouTube and then I stumbled upon a short video of hers wherein she gave a tour of her house and whilst she was giving the tour of her kitchen, she mentioned she liked eating frozen grapes. Now if you know me you must know that I love to drink and eat cold things, so the idea of trying frozen grapes really picked my interest. That evening I popped some of the grapes we had in the house in the freezer and tried the results the next morning. When I took the first crunchy bite my eyes popped out of joy. What came after was the sound of my laughter and my hoping around the kitchen on my tip toes with the hopes of not getting a brain freeze. The experience was life changing…I honestly don’t think I can eat grapes without them being frozen. It’s too delicious.

Yellow. Last month I made an odd fashion purchase by buying a yellow dress from one of my favorite boutiques. When it comes to clothes i’m always drawn to the darker, earthy and pastel tones. Bright and neon items are almost invisible to my eyes. However on one fateful day I decided to step out of my comfort zone and purchase something I would not ordinarily think of buying. The decision wasn’t easy I must tell you. I tried to talk myself out of it like a hundred times but the sales girl and the little nudge I gave myself in the butt pushed me to buy it. After purchasing the dress, I left it untouched and unpacked in its bag for weeks. One gloomy afternoon, I was in need of something to brighten up my day and my mind flew to the dress I had forgotten. I took a shower and got dressed and immediately I caught a glimpse of myself in the colour I couldn’t stop smiling. The colour yellow will henceforth have a soft spot in my heart. It is extremely outside my comfort zone because it draws a lot of attention but it does magic to your mood, which I love and I’m thankful for.

Omar Series. This series was highly recommended to me by someone I befriended on Instagram and on one lazy night I decided to give it a try and was immensely grateful that I did. It’s a remarkable and heart moving series that details the life of the great caliph Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA). I grew to love and respect the sahabah a million times more. He is someone that was bestowed with great intelligence and wisdom. One particular scene from the series that I will never forget was when he was on a journey with his son and they were approached by a few men that wanted to attack them but being the strong and intelligent man that he was, he was able to fend off the attackers without engaging in an actual fight. After the attackers left, his son asked him that was he not scared of the men? Umar who did not appear like he was scared replied that he was very scared but went on to explain to his son not to be discouraged in the face of fear and also mentioned that ‘Had God not made people fear, they would have destroyed themselves’. There was great wisdom in what he said. Imagine a world without fear…be rest assured that people will commit all forms of atrocities. May Allah bestow wisdom upon us all. I cried a lot in the series but there is so much to learn from it and In Sha Allah I’ll make it a habit to watch the series sometime every year with my family.

Homescapes. I must confess this mobile game is very addictive and I am presently in level 408. I downloaded the app because interior design is something I am fond of and I sometimes like to think that in an alternate universe I would be an interior designer. So with this game you get to unlock different rooms in a mansion and are allowed to renovate and design all the rooms by successfully passing each level of the game. It’s quite fun and challenging to play and its cool to know that every character in the game is connected in some way.

Flawless Skin By Abby. My sister referred me to this 5* rated spa in Abuja and I began my facials treatment sometime in February and ensured that I got my facials done regularly at the spa. So far I’ve had five sessions and the condition of my skin has greatly improved since the start of my treatment . I’m so so happy with the results so far. The last treatment I had was the microdermabrasion facials and it did really well to smoothen the texture of the skin on my face. I can’t wait to get my next treatment done which is the hyrdafacials treatment. I’m going to do a proper review of this spa and give a detailed recount of my skincare journey and all the treatments I’ve gotten and the products I’ve used since the emergence of my skin crisis.

Sheikh Noren Mohammad Sadiq. For as long as I can remember my favorite Quran reciter has always been Mishary Rashid Alafasy but I recently discovered an East African reciter who couldn’t stop me from tearing up the first time I heard his voice. I discovered him on Instagram from one of the Islamic accounts I follow and immediately looked him up online and on YouTube and downloaded all his videos. His recitation of the Quran is incredibly beautiful and soothing and what I love most about his recitation is the African tonation you can detect from it. I love to go to sleep and to work by listening to his melodious recitation of the Quran.

Pablo. 6 years ago I bought a stuffed little rabbit that I later named Papi and grew incredibly attached to. He was there to keep me company in some of my loneliest and saddest nights. Every person who loved me knew about Papi because I always teased that Papi and I were inseparable and that he had the biggest part of my heart. Unfortunately, when I moved to Abuja I failed to pack Papi in the box and knowing how much my family members tried to get rid of Papi in my presence, I fear the worst with regards to Papi’s fate now that I am miles away from him. Anyway I’ve always wanted to get Papi a friend and I fulfilled that wish recently by purchasing the softest and cutest penguin there is. I’ve named the penguin Pablo and he can never replace Papi but I’ve grown to love him almost as much. For some of you looking to buy stuffed animals, miniso has a few nice collections in their store that may be worth your visit.


That brings us to an end of the things I’ve been loving for the past three months; I’d love to hear the things you’ve been loving as well!

Also, kindly comment down below some of your favourite quran reciters for the benefit of others.

I’ll catch you in my next post In Sha Allah x

Ma Salam!

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