The Salad Guru: Halal Restaurant Review

Assalam alaykum lovelies!

My taste-buds have been on fire the past couple of weeks but I’m here today to give a review of a healthy restaurant for all my clean eaters and fit-fam family!

So, I was in the office going through my unread inbox when I felt my tummy rumble like thunder. I peered at my supervisor through the side of my eye and was thankful he had his earphones on. I frowned at the unwelcome sound knowing very well I had an unforgivable sized bowl of lamb biryani rice in the morning for breakfast. Please don’t judge me.

I felt a pang of pain and guilt for my growing waistline but was not ready to trigger my ulcer pains; so I decided to eat something healthy. I spent a while contemplating where to go and what to eat and then all of sudden I remembered the Salad Guru!

Salad is something I fancy very much as long as it comes with a nice dressing on the side. It could be as cheap as TFC chicken topper salad and it could be on the higher end like Maubby’s salad. Now, Maubby’s salad will remain a favorite of mine but I was quite frankly tired of them; mainly for the fact that I ordered the same thing almost every week and it has reached that point where the thought of the salad starts to sicken you & you can already taste it.

However, I was yet to try a salad from a place that’s been hyped to be just as great and located in the same park. Thankfully for me, the salad guru is a walking distance from my office and was an excuse for me to burn the extra calories from the heavy meal I had in the morning.

Upon arriving at their location, I was fascinated by the classic-modern themed designs and the cute props strategically placed around the mini salad restaurant. The white vintage bicycle parked by the side of the rail was one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.

I felt a lot of nostalgia and my mind drifted to the last time I rode a bike and I basked in the memory of having the warm wind kiss my face and the excitement that comes from feeling wild and free as a bird. A wasp flew by face and my mind was teared back into the present.

I wandered around their small space and noticed they had a small indoor area for eating and for a moment I was torn between eating inside, or outdoor with the rest of the wilderness and wonder. A second and a half later the scorching heat decided for me and I begged the waitress to bring my food inside the small air conditioned room.


I ordered their Spicy Chicken Salad plus the Pesto Pasta (N2,500) with their Mango Madness Smoothie (N1,200).

Spicy Chicken Salad plus the Pesto Pasta (N2,500) [contains lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, boiled egg & spicky chicken]
Mango Madness Smoothie (N1,200) [contains mango, watermelon, banana & orange juice]

I really enjoyed their salad and I found that the pesto pasta garnished with a little vinegar and black pepper was the freshness I needed. The mango smoothie was good the only thing I found disappointing was the fact that it wasn’t served chilled…I mean who likes to drink warm smoothie in a hot weather?

Besides all the good things I’ve mentioned, I would say the thing I was most taken by was the restaurant’s excellent service. From the cashiers warm smile, to the waitress hospitality and the delivery guy’s politeness…I was super impressed and my heart was genuinely won by all of them. I will definitely be back there & if it’s not for their amazing salad its for their awesome customer service.

I must confess one great thing Maubby’s Salad has over the Salad Guru is the fact they give you the option to make your own salad by selecting 10 toppings and one main protein. The salad guru has 5 fixed salad options and based on your individual preference or allergy restrictions…you might be limited to just one or two salad options on their menu.


The highlight of my time at the place has got to be when I needed to collect my change and the cashier handed me 30 five naira new notes. I mean is five Naira still an exchangeable commodity in Nigeria? I had a huge shock written on my face and everyone just started laughing.

My overall experience at the Salad Guru was absolutely delightful. The Salad Guru is a quiet and beautiful place to temporarily escape from the toxicity in your life and to treat yourself to a healthy delicious meal. Will I go back again? ABSOLUTELY.

Critique Hat Score: 9.5/10 

Food: 9/10

Ambience: 10/10

Convenience: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Price: 9/10

Restaurant Details:

16 Usuma Close,


(Behind Maitama, Amusement Park)



0907 584 5561

Social Media:

Instagram: @thesaladguru_

Twitter: @thesaladguru_

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 7pm(Orders for delivery end at 4pm each day)

If you’ve never been to The Salad Guru, you should definitely check them out!

And always remember to count memories and not calories!

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