Top Nasheeds of 2021

Assalam Alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak brothers and sisters!

If you are reading this, alhamdulilah for we are extremely blessed to live and witness the holy month of ramadan this year. I hope you are all engaging and occupying yourselves with lots of beautiful acts of worship and trying the best you can to earn as many good deeds and rewards as you can in this blessed and sacred month. My prayer for you is that every act of worship or knowledge you share in this blessed month, will weigh heavily on your scale on the day of judgement In Sha Allah.

This post is arriving extremely late but I’m aware a lot of you are struggling with halal ways to entertain yourselves during ramadan. We have 24 hours in a day and it’s impossible to solely engage in acts of worship during those hours. If we aren’t spending long hours praying and seeking Allah’s forgiveness in the middle of the night or busy working and attending to our different businesses during the day, we are trying to find ways to cool off or offer some rest to our body. During the cool off period, some people choose to read, listen to podcasts, nap, exercise or mediate and others struggle to find ways to entertain themselves without looking or listening to things that are impermissible (i.e movies with adult scenes and music with instruments and vulgar and explicit lyrics). I have good news for those of you that love listening to music; I took some time out to curate a beautiful playlist of amazing nasheeds that you can listen to and swap with your current music playlist. At the very least, instead of spitting dirty and crude song lyrics you are busy uttering beautiful praises of Allah.

I absolutely love every nasheed on this playlist and I hope you love and enjoy listening to them just as much as I do. So without further delay, lets get right into the list of the nasheeds I’ve been loving the past few weeks. As always, be rest assured it’s a fantastic playlist so sit back, relax and enjoy.

1. Sami Yusuf – ‘The 99 Names’

2. Nadeem Mohammed – ‘Bow Down’

3. Ilyas Mao – ‘Unity’

4. Ayisha Abdul Basith – ‘Amantu Billahi’

5. Omar Esa – ‘Ya Allah’

6. Muad – Heartbeat’

7. Faisal Latif x Saabik Poetry x Mo Khan – ‘Endless Confusion’

8. Siedd – ‘Allah Humma’

9. Ilyas Mao ft Omar Esa – ‘Rabbana’

10. Allah – Relaxing, Soothing & Background Nasheed

11. Muad – ‘Ya Ilahi

12. Siedd – ‘Little Things’

13. Zhain Bhikha ft Muad – ‘Jannah’

14. Omar Esa – ‘Allah Help Me’

15. Ilyas Mao – ‘Nascido Hooya Macaan’

16. Omar Esa – ‘Jummah Mubarak’

17. Muad – ‘Remember Me’

18. Maher Zain – ‘Ramadan Gana’

19. Hussam al Harbi – ‘The Book of Allah’

20. Ilyas Mao – ‘Rahman’

21. Ayisha Abdul Basith – ‘Muhammad Nabina’

3 thoughts on “Top Nasheeds of 2021

  1. Masha Allah, I literally had goosebumps listening to them💕
    JazakaAllah Khayr for this list❤️

    I’ll like to recommend you check out Muhammad Al-Muqit (My Hope, Beauty of Existence, My Lord’s knowledge, Soldiers of Allah, The way of the tears, Ahl al Hadith and so many more) but all his Nasheeds are in Arabic but when you read translation, it will leave you in awe.


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