The Muslim Daily Prayer Handbook (Adhkars and Dhikr Based on the Quran and Sunnah) – Free Download

Assalam alaykum beautiful souls.

If this is your first time visiting my blog you are most welcome; it warms my heart that Allah led you here. If you landed on this page intentionally or even by accident know that this post and the document you’ll find at the end of this page was meant for YOU. Consider it a special gift from me to you.

Before you read further, I want to start by asking you my dear Muslim sister and brother, how is the quality of your salat?

Whenever you complete your 5 daily prayers, do you feel a deep sense of accomplishment, serenity and tranquility (sakina)? or do you feel a lot of restlessness in your soul, anxiety, emptiness or a disconnection from your Rabb?

For quite a significant period of time, I felt an indescribable void and restlessness in my soul and after several weeks of introspection and dua, I was finally able to identify the root cause of my problem; it was my salat.

Did I always perform my 5 daily prayers? Yes.

Did I always pray with Kushu? No.

Did I often breeze through my salat as though it was another item I needed to quickly check off my to do list? Ashamedly, yes.

Did I often experience the sweetness of salat? Regrettably, no.

Did I always spend some time after salat to perform dhikr or to make ample dua to Allah who is Al Mujeeb (The Responder and Answerer of Prayers)? Sadly, No.

What I’ve come to learn recently is that every single emotion and feeling we experience in our body is desperately trying to communicate something to us that we might not be aware or fully conscious of. Every emotion we feel in our body is a type of signal that is trying to draw our attention and we need to pay attention to these emotions, we should never try to ignore, bury or drown our feelings.

When I started to pay closer attention to the things I was feeling, everything started to become crystal clear and I knew what I needed to do. My heart and soul started calling me out on my inadequacies in a language I now fully understood because I started to pay attention. Altiné you need to fix your salat, you need to improve the quality of your salat, you can’t accept or be okay with meeting the bare minimum requirement. I had to remind myself of my lofty spiritual goals and one of them is that I wholeheartedly, sincerely and desperately want to be from the group of people Allah called the As Sabiquns (the forerunners) on the day of judgement. The reality is if I want to be from among this special group of people then I have to level up significantly the quality of my salat and other daily Ibadah.

My personal experience birthed the idea of me creating this special daily prayer handbook for my own benefit before any other person. I started researching ways I could improve the quality of my salat, among other daily acts of ibadah. However, I knew my answers could only be found by looking back to the main source the Quran and researching what the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) our best role model and teacher practiced daily in his own life.

I wanted to know everything the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did with regards to salat and other daily acts of Ibadah he performed and start to introduce and implement everything in my own life.

What did the Prophet ﷺ recite before the start of prayer? What did he recite at the end of prayer? Where there specific duas he recited in certain prayers or certain times of the day? What did he recite at the beginning of tahajuud? What did he recite at the beginning or end of the witr prayer? I was also interested in learning more about his standard daily habits such as what he recited before he went to sleep and after he woke up from sleep. What chapters of the Quran did he recite daily? I wanted to revive the sunnah of salat and other standard daily acts of ibadah of the Prophetﷺ in my life. Sadly, I couldn’t find a concise book that had all of these condensed information with all the relevant AUTHENTIC narrations cited.

I wanted to own a compact prayer handbook I could carry along with me everywhere that contained all of this information until I’ve learnt and committed all of its content to memory. I longed to have and sustain a beautiful connection with my Rabb daily. I longed for a time where I would always look forward to my meeting time with Allah. I longed for the time where I afforded salat the level of importance and attention it deserved. I wanted my salat time to be the most sacred time of the day for me and I wanted to give it everything I had. No more mediocrity. No more shortchanging myself and losing out on so much Barakah I could otherwise attain from improving the quality of my salat and the observance of other daily sunnah ibadah.

When I found the courage to take on the task of creating this prayer handbook, I encountered a lot of challenges and imposter syndrome was one of them. You are no Fiqh or Hadith Scholar Altiné, this is beyond your level. I tried to back out but something kept pushing me to continue and not give up. I spent numerous hours in the day, afternoon and night researching and rechecking the authenticity of hundreds of Hadiths and I was finally able to create something I could aspire to practice and sustain for myself.

Ever since I started practicing the things contained in the daily prayer handbook, nothing has remained the same for me. I truly can’t describe the impact it has had in my relationship and connection with Allah and His other creations, the quality of my life and overall happiness, the quality of my sleep and so many other things I can’t even begin to mention.

I’m so happy to be able to share with you dear reader, a copy of the daily prayer handbook that has now become a great blessing in my life.

In summary, the daily prayer handbook is a compilation of authentic and powerful adhkars, dhikr, prophetic duas, and other daily rituals that has been specially curated and made available to Muslims that seek to attain ihsan (excellence) in their salat and reap the maximum rewards of their daily ibadah in both this life and the hereafter by following the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw).

May Allah (swt) count us among the people of salat and from among those who observe it properly with humility and sincerity. May Allah forgive us for all our sins and shortcomings and admit us into Jannah Firdaus. May Allah bless us with beneficial knowledge and guide us to worship Him in a manner that pleases Him.

You can download the Muslim Daily Prayer Handbook for free by simply clicking the download button below.

Until next time,

Ma Salam.

3 thoughts on “The Muslim Daily Prayer Handbook (Adhkars and Dhikr Based on the Quran and Sunnah) – Free Download

  1. Not too long ago, prayed for a simple guidebook or manual in English Language to help reverts to Islam, grow their daily prayer life. Here it is. Thank you so much for this.


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