Anjel Jibreel II

The Prophetﷺ was asked how does the revelation come? He said when Allah desires to speak the words of revelation, there is a loud noise through the heavens. It’s like chains pulling over mount safa (imagine the severity of chains pulling over a mountain). He then said the angels of the heavens are overtaken by […]

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Angel Jibreel

I’m going to talk to you about one of my favourite persons in the world. Well he probably doesn’t qualify as a person because he is an angel. Literally. Angels are beings I spend an unusual amount of time thinking about. They are frequently on my mind; the ones taking account on my sides, the ones protecting […]

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The Outsider

Some months back at my sisters introduction, I had an old lady who was seated under a tent beckon me from where I stood with my cousin. I had absolutely no idea who she was and was feeling agitated; why was she calling me? I crouched by her side and thereafter she asked if I was the bride’s younger sister, and I answered on the […]

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Ali’s Story

Here is the story of a wealthy young man that’s been diagnosed with stage four cancer. You can find his story on youtube and I shall leave the link down to his story below, for those that would like to watch and see him. It’s really worth watching and just about 7mins long. Ali is […]

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My Ummah

  Saturday morning was one of those mornings where after hearing upsetting news, you loose all motivation for the day and just want to remain in bed and contemplate about life and escape the reality of what’s happening. I remember waking up all smiles. I had felt genuinely happy because Allah had given me another chance. I […]

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Love gone wrong

The title of this post is no doubt misleading. I’ll have you know it has nothing to do with relationships but hopefully you’d be able to relate as you read along. I’ve been asked a couple of times what love is and each time the question is asked, it is met with an awkward silence or a grudging ‘I don’t know’. It’s […]

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Finding the balance

There’s this problem I have, it’s either I say very little or too much. I take very hot showers or freezing cold ones. I eat very little or too much. Like me a lot of people struggle with finding the right balance in their life. An advice I come across quite often is there’s a time for everything. I mostly agree […]

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