I met love. It looked like the sunset in the horizon. It was bright, burning and beautiful. It had the elegance of the moon and the softness of the Cuban wind. It had a laugh that was echoed by the seven seas and a fresh scent that was concealed in every atom of the air. […]

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Cosmic Love

I rolled over on my stomach and heaved a deep sigh. I ejected the movie and decided it was one I would watch every year on christmas eve. “You know love scares me” I glanced over at my cousin who had a weary look on her face. “Why?” I asked intrigued by her random statement. “There is just something about […]

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Halal Dating: Guide

  When it comes to the opposite sex and the idea of settling down with someone, I often think and ask myself “how do you get to know someone the islamic way?” Dating is not allowed in islam for its obvious dangers but does that mean I’ll marry someone I don’t know? I noticed something quite common with […]

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  [First scenario] You’ve been talking to someone for a while and you really like this person, some months or years down the line he asks the big question; will you marry me? What is your answer? Is liking someone enough reason to marry them? [Second scenario] You are summoned to the living room, where your mum […]

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