I met love. It looked like the sunset in the horizon. It was bright, burning and beautiful. It had the elegance of the moon and the softness of the Cuban wind. It had a laugh that was echoed by the seven seas and a fresh scent that was concealed in every atom of the air. […]

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Cosmic Love

I rolled over on my stomach and heaved a deep sigh. I ejected the movie and decided it was one I would watch every year on christmas eve. “You know love scares me” I glanced over at my cousin who had a weary look on her face. “Why?” I asked intrigued by her random statement. “There is just something about […]

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China Town: Restaurant Review

So after a long and stressful month at law school, the much anticipated Christmas break arrived. Myself and 2 other law school friends of mine decided to go have lunch at a Chinese and Thai restaurant called China Town to unwind and discuss our shared interest and issues with the famous institute. Mary and I were the […]

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The Switch

Shall I let you in on an advice that is very far-fetched? It’s the one where someone tells a person that’s in love with another to simply STOP and end what they have with the person because it’s haram or wrong. I say its far-fetched because it’s like telling a hungry lion that’s slowly making its […]

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New Waters

Many times I’ve asked myself and wondered why I keep my world so small? Why is my contact with other lives kept at the bare minimal? What am I so afraid of? Why is my space just so small? I admit now that it really isn’t the best way to live. I’ve always given the […]

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Top 10 Nasheeds (July 2016)

  Assalam alaykum everyone! I feel very uplifted today and I’m grateful to Allah for days like these where it’s not easy for you or anyone to wipe that blessed smile off your face.  I genuinely hope you are all doing great and if not I pray Allah grants you that which will comfort and please […]

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Warm and Woodsy

A simple random fact about myself is that I am obsessed with parks. As a matter of fact with nature in general… I visited Reagent’s park a while ago and it felt like I had wandered into my past. Memories of when I would run around with my friends in the park in search for ladybugs that we […]

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