Numb. She wet her face with the frosty water and stared at her cold reflection in the mirror. Happiness, she can’t remember what that tasted like. Her rosy lips grew purple and her mouth was crisp as cotton. Left to feed on the scraps of happiness that once overflowed. The ghost of her past […]

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Beautiful Minds| Umar Oba Adelodun

What countless others dream about, my next incredible guest lives to make a reality with his fierce and unchallenged mind. It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you the co-founder of Heart and Capital Limited; a farm management and consultancy company,  Umar Oba Adelodun. Oba is someone I like to call the fine product […]

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Beautiful Minds| Azeeza Sanni

It’s with great joy that I introduce to you my next guest, the talented and beautiful Azeeza Sanni; an eminent visual artist and founder of Murado Imani. Azeeza’s work has been showcased in numerous art exhibitions in Nigeria and her work is an embodiment of the strong, rich and versatile phenomena of an African Woman. […]

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Beautiful Minds| Hanz Chokote

This months feature is a talented young man that is visionary keen on expanding the photography space. Hanz Chokote has got an incredible eye for detail and is best known for capturing priceless moments and emotions on camera with his mad photography skills. Hanz has studied and mastered the art of taking compelling pictures that resonates […]

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Beautiful Minds| Sonia Ogbonna

My next incredible guest is beauty and brains personified. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Sonia Ogbonna, the face and mind behind Nigeria’s number one motivational blog. Sonia’s transparency, intelligence and sincerity is one that has won the hearts of many. As a big advocate of women’s rights, Sonia has helped empowered thousands of […]

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Beautiful Minds| Gunna

Charismatic, passionate and eclectic are a few words to describe this remarkably gifted young man I’m happy to introduce as my next guest. Ugonna Ikechi alias ‘gunna’ is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist and a co-founder of Zone District; an urban apparel line with a considerable client base in the United States, Canada, England, Spain and […]

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Beautiful Minds| BIMMS

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you my first guest, the beautiful and extremely talented Abimbola Ipaye aka “Bimms”. Bimms is a renown aso-oke/ fabrics designer based in Nigeria but has designed bespoke wedding attires for numerous clients across the globe. Her hard work and impressive clientele has afforded her name a great […]

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