About Altiné

Hasiya Altiné Nagode-Ali (aka Tnéne or Umm Ayman) is a 24 years old lawyer and writer based in Abuja, Nigeria. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2017 and currently works at a non-profit organization, where she works closely with survivors of Gender Based Violence and fights against systematic corruption that is prevalent within the current government.

Her passions include a lot of things but most importantly her religion; Islam, renewable energy and sustainable development, women empowerment, mental health, personal development and modest fashion.

In 2015, she launched her personal blog (Tnéne), which has since evolved and has been rebranded into a lifestyle blog dedicated to creating content for readers who have a deep interest and appreciation for their personal and spiritual growth, culture, food, art, love and celebration of remarkable people.

In her free time, Hasiya loves to read, watch anime, eat halal haribos and explore new places.

5 thoughts on “About Altiné

  1. Pls Hasiya, where are you??? I can’t wait for you new post, I learnt you are rounding up your degree course. Almighty Allah will make you excel tremendously. Pls post!


  2. Am stucked here. Write more pls, I don’t want to finish reading all your posts…..Allah continue to bestow barakah on you Ameen


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