About Hasiya



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Assalam alaykum (Peace be upon you)

You are welcome to my blog!

I am Hasiya, a 20 year old muslim that also goes by the name Altine (Tnéne). I’m a lawyer and simply a girl that communicates best through writing than with words.

My faith (Islam) and writing are things that I am extremely passionate about. You’ll find that a lot of my writings and posts incorporate the message and teachings of islam. That said, Tnéne is a lifestyle blog not just for muslims across the world but also for any person that may find my blog somewhat inspiring and engaging.

Also, please note that everything written on my blog is a reflection of my own opinion (unless otherwise stated). I am not a religious scholar nor do I claim to be notably learned in religious studies and sciences.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you stick around and grow with me In Sha Allah.

Stay blessed xo

4 thoughts on “About Hasiya

  1. Pls Hasiya, where are you??? I can’t wait for you new post, I learnt you are rounding up your degree course. Almighty Allah will make you excel tremendously. Pls post!


  2. Am stucked here. Write more pls, I don’t want to finish reading all your posts…..Allah continue to bestow barakah on you Ameen


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