My Affair With Time

Time…how I wish I could speak to you in person. You met me for the first time in 97. Nobody can remember the first meeting with you, hopefully that isn’t an issue.

18 years you’ve been with me, a loyal friend I call thee. A witness you are to all I’ve said and done, tell me what’s the gain in all your devotion? When things go sour and bad you reassure me sometime later that it was all part of the plan, I will move on and it will get better.

You are a blessing many don’t know how to use, could that be something that angers you? The young and the old fancies you not because the older they age, the more their beauty and strength fade away. I find it hard to keep up with you cause you are the only thing that is on the constant move. A war can’t stop you. A tsunami can’t stop you. Nothing in the world can be ransomed for your stoppage.

Jealous I am cause you’ve met and slept with every great mind a mortal like me can only ever imagine. On the other hand I feel sorry for you cause you had to meet and sleep with the worst of minds too.

A day will come and I’ld have to leave, indeed I speak of death; your enemy. When death comes around remember birth; that replaces those that are taken from you.

It’s true some souls can never be replaced, but glad tidings of the day we would be reunited again. When that time comes and my fate is determined for better or worse, we can then begin our eternal relationship where death would be no more. But for now you and I aren’t in a committed relationship like marriage. What you and I have is what I like to call an affair; fleeting and something doomed to come to an end.

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